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Fans of this strain have said that just a small amount of 5th Element is needed to leave the consumer in a state of euphoric relaxation. It’s an indica strain and it may bring on sleepiness while improving mood and relieving aches and pains found in the muscles and joints. Consumers that have turned to 5th Element have reported its use to reduce muscle spasms, inflammation, pain, stress, and even insomnia as its indica effects are often quite potent. They say it may be best to use it in the evening or at night since it may leave the mind a bit foggy or contemplative.

When you break open your 5th Element flower, you’ll notice it has hues of light greens speckled with fiery orange pistils and a light coating of trichomes. The scent is more pronounced as you break it apart, being very citrusy and earthy with a hint of diesel that’s usually produced by OG strains.

THC levels of 5th Element tend to vary depending on the cultivator and their growing methods, so be sure to check its level before purchasing so you’re aware of how much to consume. Some reviewers have noted that this strain can cause an enjoyable tingling or numbing sensation throughout the limbs as it dulls aches and pains. It’s best to watch movies or take a spa day when using this strain as its effects on the body can be extremely soothing. Be sure to have eye drops handy because it tends to dry them out.

5th Element plants typically take 55 to 60 days from seed to harvest. They respond well to heavy feedings, which leads to faster and fuller bushing out of mature plants.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
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CBD: <1%


5 th Element was bred by Elemental Seeds by crossing All Spark OG with Blackberry. Blackberry is well-
known for its delicate balancing act between the headier aspects of a sativa and the sedative properties
of an indica. The All Spark OG parent likely lent to the 5 th Element’s couch-lock qualities.

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