$100 OG

THC: 22% CBD: 0.05%

Taste & Smell


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About this Hybrid Strain

The cannabis strain $100 OG is a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid whose name derived from its potency and cost when it was first introduced to the market in Hollywood. It emits a strong sweet sage scent that’s sometimes skunky and leaves an earthy aftertaste in your mouth. Its buds are dense, large, dark green, and have few stems when ready for harvest.

Its THC level is extremely potent, averaging at 22% and topping off at 25%. Many have described this strain as a one-hitter- quitter. Its high is a well-balanced body buzz that relaxes the muscles with an alert cerebral high. For some, it can increase energy and euphoric sensations. However, it’s best used at night since it will induce a sedating effect despite an increase in critical thinking and deep thought. This strain isn’t recommended for novice cannabis consumers since it is one of the more potent hybrids.

Paranoia is a highly possible side-effect if too much is consumed at once, along with dry mouth and eyes.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 22%
CBD: 0.05%
Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Beta Myrcene: .539%
Beta Caryophyllene: .337%


$100 OG is an original OG Phenotype, the parents a cross between a sativa father and indica mother.
When it first blossomed in Northern California within the San Fernando Valley region, it began selling in
Hollywood dispensaries at $100 for an eighth of an ounce.


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