The Components of a Cannabis Connoisseur

True cannabis connoisseurs are made, not born.


Nothing beats living in a state where cannabis has been legalized; having the ability to openly express one’s connoisseurship in the cannabis world. More people are coming out of the closet about their herbal consumption, while others are discovering its holistic health benefits that surpass traditional pharmaceuticals. Whichever the case may be, one does wonder: What makes us a true cannabis connoisseur?

Know Your Herb Inside Out

It goes without saying, know the anatomy of both male and female cannabis plants. You don’t want to venture into someone’s grow room only to be confused as to what a calyx or a pistil is. Or even worse – be confused as to how to tell the difference between a male and female plant. Once you’ve discovered the many physical aspects that make up cannabis, you can move on to improve your knowledge on the aspects that are far more fun like scent and taste.

Terpenes are a big deal when it comes to cannabis, differentiating the aroma and flavor of the plant. Become familiar with which strains emit which scents and what they’re supposed to taste like – and be sure not to smoke or eat contaminated cannabis.

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Differentiate Good & Bad Cannabis

It’s easier than you think. Take a good look at that nug in front of you. Is it covered with crystal tri-chromes? Does it emit a deliciously skunky scent with other good smells coming from it like fruits or fuel or fresh earth? Does the smell get better as you break the nug apart? Are its colors deep and vivid with loads of pistils all over it? These are the components of some good cannabis.

In the past, good cannabis would also have sticky resin – and this is still a sign of great cannabis – but if you purchase yours in a dispensary you’ll notice all the cannabis is dried thoroughly, so this small aspect may have to be put aside unless you’re about to consume a nug fresh off the plant. Also consider whether your cannabis was grown using pesticides and the like – they can cause changes in scent and taste. Organic all the way!

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Know How to Consume Properly

From pipes to blunts and bongs to dabbing, it’s a good idea to know how to consume in every manner. Whether you decide to use dabbing (or any other technique) as a consistent method of ingestion or not, knowing how to dab is essential so you can stay safe when doing it at your best friend’s party without looking like a chump. We’re real connoisseurs, remember?

Also, to experience the true taste of a cannabis strain, it’s vital to smoke it from a clean pipe. Any resin in the pipe will hinder or transform the taste and smell as it’s smoked – and this goes for bongs and any other smoking instruments as well.

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Try Every Strain More Than Once

Even if you hated a strain the first time you consumed it; try it again to ensure it wasn’t a faulty crop. It’s best to try the same strain grown from different cultivators and compare them to one another, deciding if the strain itself is just not for you or if one cultivator used bad growing techniques to produce some bad buds. You may notice different crops will usually have differing THC and CBD content as well.

Become Familiar with All Paraphernalia

A true cannabis connoisseur will know that dabbers have blowtorches and creative consumers build their own bongs. Now that more companies are popping up and getting creative about cannabis products to make a profit, you can be sure you’ll eventually come across Royght’s newfound stealth water pipe that fits on top of a Starbucks cup, or supplemental bubble gum that cures cottonmouth – the list goes on. Stay on top of it.

Know How to Cook with Cannabis

Do you know about decarboxylation? Or what temperatures vaporize cannabinoids? Perhaps you know how much herb to put in a batch of CannaButter? If any of these things sound foreign to you, you’ve much to learn. Click here to view our article on How to Properly Cook with Infused Ingredients.

Try Various Activities While Using Cannabis

I’m not saying go to work while high or attend a wedding while stoned. What I mean here is, try social activities (unformal) as well as a spiritual experience by yourself. If you can find a quiet, tranquil spot somewhere without distractions, try meditating. Try doing yoga. Try having an intelligent conversation, playing poker with your friends at home, watch a movie, watch the sunset, play PokemonGo in your neighborhood…

By exposing yourself to new experiences, you can determine which strains are right for you in various instances. You’ll figure out which sativas are best to consume right before your morning run, and which indicas are great for winding down at the end of the day and meditating before bed. If you’re any type of artist, definitely give cannabis a chance to help enhance your hobbies. A true connoisseur will know which strains will help improve creativity, which will help with concentration, which will improve conversation, and which go great with their favorite brew for a night on the town.

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