Geraniol : Know Your Terpenes

A terpene present in a vast amount of perfumes and colognes.


Geraniol is a terpene present in a vast amount of perfumes and colognes, producing a sweetly floral scent with an undertone of citrus. It can be found in geraniums, roses, and lemongrass along with most cannabis strains, though some that contain higher traces are Amnesia Haze, White Shark, OG Kush, Lemon G and Citrus Kush.

This terpene has analgesic qualities, meaning it can reduce pain and does so even more when acting synergistically with other analgesic terpenes. Lab tests have confirmed its aptitude in both fighting against several bacteria species, as well as enhancing the results of topical drugs. This means Geraniol influences how well some chemicals are absorbed into the skin, and can often improve results.

Boiling point of Geraniol is higher than usual, being 444 degrees Fahrenheit, so cooking with Geraniol is a bit easier in the sense that it’s harder to vaporize by accident.

Keep in mind, terpenes affect each of us differently depending on our body chemistry and what compounds are present that they can act synergistically with.