Edible Guide

How to safely eat our cannabis & what to look for in edibles.


Edibles come in many forms, including liquid drops, candy, baked goods, and drinks. Today it is not difficult to find an edible that suits your taste. Even the well-known pot brownie now comes in options that are gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free for those with particular dietary restrictions.

To understand edibles it helps to understand the methods by which the body absorbs cannabinoids:

  • Inhalation
    THC and other cannabinoids are absorbed by inhaling combusted or vaporized cannabis in various forms.
  • Transdermal
    Absorption of THC through the skin. This method typically results in local effects only.
  • Oral Mucosal
    Absorption of THC and other cannabinoids through the mouth lining and under the tongue. This method works very quickly.
  • Ingestion
    The edible is eaten and cannabinoids are absorbed in the intestines and metabolized in the liver.

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Safety: Eating Your Cannabis

For the uninitiated, it is imperative to take it slow. Most edible products are consumed through ingestion - and the digestive process isn't as fast as absorption via the lungs. It can take an hour, sometimes more, before you feel any effects. After an hour passes people start to wonder whether they got a low dosage and so they consume more product. Dosages can be erratic in edibles and eating more too early can seriously impact your social calendar.

If you have never tried edibles before, start with one that is labeled as 10mg THC content or lower. This will not guarantee that is the exact dosage you get because concentration of THC in edibles is difficult to measure. However, it will guarantee that you won’t be dazed, laying on your hotel room floor.

Labeling, packaging, and dosages are improving and becoming more standardized but it is still imperative to keep these products away from where a child might find them. Many edibles come in the form of candy or tasty baked goods, things children love to eat when they find it. A 10mg dose will cause serious unknown harm to a toddler. And many edibles have much higher dosages than 10mg. So be careful when children can get access.

Forms of Edibles

What is the most popular type of edible? That is really up to you. We are at a time in the history of the industry where producers are trying new recipes and products to see what works best in the market. There are many variations to try and enjoy. Some favorites include jolly rancher-type candy, gummies, baked goods, and drinks.

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A Great Way to Enjoy Cannabis

Edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis in public because there is nothing to smoke. Edible products are non-threatening and easy to use. As the edible product market expands, it is likely to become the most popular sector of the industry.