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About this Sativa Strain

The sativa cannabis strain White Buffalo emits a scent that’s often sweet and sour with hints of floral and pepper. Its taste is similar, with undertones of fresh soil. Its harvest-ready buds are of large and covered in a layer of white crystal trichomes, justifying its name. 

White Buffalo is the daughter of combing the genetics of the indica Romulan, indica Blackberry Kush, and sativa Bay 11.

THC levels of this strain are currently debatable, but its high is known to create a quick and powerful state of euphoria in the consumer. It will relax the body and mind, uplifting the spirits and inducing creativity – making this strain great for getting creative projects going or finishing them. As it’s a sativa, it may cause a surge in energy but this isn’t always the case for all consumers.  

Besides dry mouth and eyes, White Buffalo may cause anxiousness or dizziness when higher doses are consumed. 

It takes about nine weeks for White Buffalo to fully flower. 

Genetic Lineage

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