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The sativa cannabis strain named Schrom emits a lemon-lime scent and produces a taste that’s quite similar with earthy and sage-like undertones. Its harvest-ready buds are small and shaped like grapes, being a bright green in color and covered in a frosty layer of chunky trichomes.

The parent strains of Schrom are debatable, with some believing it’s a cross between the indica Romulan and sativa Silver Haze while others believe it’s a cross between Romulan and sativa Santa Marta Columbian Gold.  

THC levels average between 16-18%. Its high is known to relax the body of mild aches and pains while increasing alertness and keeping the mind clear to complete tasks. This makes it a great choice for a wake-and-bake strain or to be consumed at any time throughout the day. It provides a burst of energy as well as creativity – never leaving the consumer feeling drowsy. Some have noted it can induce small bouts of the giggles. 

Negative effects include dry mouth and headache when improperly consumed. 

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Sativa Schrom