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The rare sativa cannabis strain named OCD creates a smell similar to tar, with some claiming a scent comparable to burnt peanut butter. Its taste is reported as similar, being a bit harsh but worth it for the intense high it creates reminiscent of its name.

The parent strains of OCD are shrouded in mystery. This strain is claimed to be of Seattle origins, though some reviewers state it came from Raleigh, NC and migrated to Seattle – claiming its name portrays its origins (O.ak C.ity D.ank).

The THC levels are unknown; however, its high causes an extreme energy boost. Reviewers have noted that it’s best to have physical activities ready for tackling once consuming OCD, as it will make you “obsessive compulsive” to move and get things done. Because of this, OCD can be consumed throughout the day, especially if time is scrunched and you need to get things done quickly.

The most notable negative side-effect of OCD is anxiety, especially if you’ve nothing to do after consuming it.

Not much is known about growing this strain as it’s a rare find in Seattle and hardly found elsewhere

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OCD - Sativa Cannabis Strain
Sativa OCD