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Sought out for its rich CBD content, the Sativa leaning strain Jamaican Lion is known throughout the MMJ community for its award-winning high CBD content. Jamaican Lion is a cross between the Jamaican Sativa strain Yarders and the rare Mountain Lion strain.

Due to containing high levels of CBD, this highly stimulating, and mildly psychoactive strain, according to consumers, can be used both during the day as well as in the evening. Both novice and experienced consumers enjoy Jamaican Lion for its low THC percentage and high CBD levels which gives users an intense body high without losing cognitive function.

Reviewers have described the onset of effects for Jamaican Lion as being an uplifting and euphoric strain that is both relaxing and mood enchanting. Visual and auditory enhancement has been reported by some users, while others have noted that Jamaican Lion can be mildly psychoactive and perfect for creative tasks and enlightened conversations. Some have also used Jamaican Lion as an analgesic due to its consistently high CBD percentages that may give relief to those suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, seizures, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Freshly cultivated and cured buds of Jamaican Lion will produce a fragrant and unique blend of earthy aromas of sweet herbs and flowers. Jamaican Lion's flavor is unique, offering users a lightly sweet and nutty smoke with an earthy, tropical, and herbal essence. The buds of Jamaican Lion will produce oblong, mossy green nugs covered in a light dusting of trichomes and sparse brown pistils.

THC levels of Jamaican Lion tend to stay low, while the CBD percentages of this strain can reach up into the '20s depending on cultivation methods used.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jamaican Lion

What is Jamaican Lion?

The Sativa leaning hybrid Jamaican Lion is a CBD rich strain with low THC levels. Reviewers report that it’s perfect for novice and experienced users looking for an uplifting and euphoric strain that has the potential to enhance mood and relieve the body of aches and pains.

What does Jamaican Lion mean?

Jamaican Lion may have gotten its name from its parents, the Jamaican Sativa strain, Yarders, and the strain Mountain lion.

Where does Jamaican Lion come from?

The Jamaican Lion cannabis strain is bred by crossing the Jamaican Sativa strain, Yarders, and the rare strain Mountain lion.

What does Jamaican Lion smell like?

When you open up a Jamaican Lion package, you'll be greeted with a fragrant blend of fresh earth, herbs, and sweet florals.

What does Jamaican Lion taste like?

The unique flavor of Jamaican Lion is sweet and nutty with a tropical, herbal, and earthy undertone.

What color does Jamaican Lion have?

Well-cultivated batches of Jamaican Lion will produce oblong and mossy green buds that are covered in a light dusting of trichomes and sparse brown pistils.

What effects does Jamaican Lion have?

Due to having high levels of CBD, fans of the Jamaican Lion cannabis strain have noted an energetic and euphoric high that stimulates creativity and offers users a relaxed state of bliss. Others enjoy this strain for the potential to help ease symptoms of chronic pain, seizures, and other mood distorters.

Is Jamaican Lion an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

The Jamaican Lion cannabis strain is considered to be a Sativa leaning hybrid.