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Yarders is a robust and rare strain that exudes strength and power. This sativa strain offers a mentally relaxing buzzing experience that can leave users feeling blissfully tranquil. The buds of Yarders are dense, elongated and chunky. They come in a light green color and are complemented by fiery orange pistils and a fine layer of white trichomes.

Yarders carries a distinctive and pungent aroma that is earthy and skunky and it delivers a robust, earthy and woody flavor with hints of pine and spice.

Those lucky enough to try Yarders have shared it brings a wave of calm, inducining tranquility and clarity. This is said to help reduce anxiety, paranoia, and other emotional stress. They also report feeling mentally stimulated and creative with postive thoughts and focused energy. The physical effects are often described as mellow and comforting, allowing users to sink into deep, peaceful relaxation.

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Sativa Yarders

Frequently Asked Questions About Yarders

What is Yarders?

Yarders is a sativa strain known for its potency and unique characteristics.

Where does Yarders come from?

Yarders is a sativa strain and believed to have Jamaican roots.

What does Yarders smell like?

Yarders typically carries a distinct and pungent aroma with a combination of earthiness, fuel, and hints of sweetness.

What does Yarders taste like?

Yarders delivers a blend of earthy and fuel-like flavors and has additional notes of citrus, pine, and hints of sweetness.

What color does Yarders have?

Yarders commonly features shades of light green with vibrant orange pistils scattered throughout the buds. The buds also exhibit a frosty layer of amber trichomes.

What effects does Yarders have?

Yarders is known for its mentally relaxing effects that help reduce anxiety, paranoia, and other emotional stresses. It is also reported to be mentally stimulating and brings creative and positive thoughts.

Is Yarders an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Yarders is a sativa strain.