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The sativa cannabis strain Hashplant Haze is known to taste fruity and nutty, with undertones of cheese that reviewers have described as sweet and sometimes having a hint of melon. Others have described it as having sandalwood undertones, so it depends on crop. Its buds are dense and an array of various shades of green, with amber pistils poking up here and there.

The parent strains of Hashplant Haze are the indica Hash Plant and sativa Cannalope Haze. It originates from the care of DNA Genetics in California.

The THC levels of this strain are known to reach up to 21%. Its high produces an uplifted mood, as well as increases creativity. Though, it can produce a couch-lock for those with low-tolerance making this strain best used in the evening or at night. Hashplant Haze is known to be a creeper, so waiting 10-15 for its full effects is recommended before consuming more. It’s been used to help with insomnia and the relieving the stresses of the day. Some have noted it will give the consumer the giggles.

Negative effects of Hashplant Haze are your normal dry eyes and mouth as well as falling into a deep couch-lock if too much is consumed.


Genetic Lineage

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