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If you are looking to get some things checked off your to-do list, Chocolate Thunder may be the strain that can help you get there. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, reviewers share that this strain hits immediately with a cerebral rush and energy along with pressure felt around the temples and forehead.

Those who have tried Chocolate Thunder say it unlocks creativity and can be mildly trippy, giving inanimate objects new appearance or new meaning, meanwhile inspiring you with the energy needed to accomplish whatever you want.

On close observation you’ll notice the buds from this strain are dense and mostly green. Orange pistils sprout around the flower and weave within the leaves making the bud appear orange. Terpene lovers will find humulene and caryophyllene present at higher levels than others in this strain and THC levels average around 17%.

Genetic Lineage

Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Thunder

What is Chocolate Thunder?

Chocolate Thunder is a hybrid cannabis strain with energizing sativa characteristics like cerebral rush and body buzz according to those who have tried it.

What does Chocolate Thunder mean?

Chocolate Thunder gives reference to this strain’s parents, Chocolope and Alaskan Thunderfuck.

Where does Chocolate Thunder come from?

Chocolate Thunder strain was born from marrying Chocolope and Alaskan Thunderfuck.

What does Chocolate Thunder smell like?

Chocolate Thunder smells overwhelmingly like chocolate with some nutty and earthy notes.

What does Chocolate Thunder taste like?

Chocolate Thunder tastes like chocolate and sweet with a smooth inhale and some earth on the exhale.

What color does Chocolate Thunder have?

Chocolate Thunder is mostly green with lots of orange pistils bursting about the bud making orange a predominant color.

What effects does Chocolate Thunder have?

Chocolate Thunder is said by reviewers to give an immediate cerebral rush and uplifted mood that becomes an energetic high, replete with creativity, conversation, and body movement.

Is Chocolate Thunder an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Chocolate Thunder is a hybrid cannabis strain.