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About this Indica Strain

Seattle Blue is an indica cannabis strain that produces a lovely and well-liked scent and flavor that are sweet and fruity, with floral and earthy undertones.

This strain’s lineage is shrouded in mystery, but one thing’s for sure: It first blossomed in Seattle and is an uncommon strain.

THC levels average at around 20%, making this mysterious strain quite potent. Its high is known to be that of your typical indica, fully relaxing the body and melting away the aches and pains of the day with an apparent physical buzz. It will help induce appetite, so expect the munchies. Reviewers have noted this strain’s ability to help with anxiety and depression, alleviating mental stresses and creating a mellow mood. In some consumers, it will increase creativity and focus if sedating effects don’t take place first.

Ill side-effects include paranoia or dizziness if too much is consumed at once, with dry mouth and eyes to be expected.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20%

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Frequently Asked Questions About Seattle Blue

What is Seattle Blue?

Seattle Blue is a balanced cannabis strain with dynamic effects that are felt in both body and mind.

Where does Seattle Blue come from?

Seattle Blue has an unknown lineage.

What does Seattle Blue smell like?

The aroma of Seattle Blue can vary depending on the phenotype, but it may have a mix of sweetness and other fruity or floral notes.

What does Seattle Blue taste like?

The flavor of Seattle Blue is often described as a combination of sweetness and fruity or floral notes, providing an enjoyable smoking or vaping experience.

What color does Seattle Blue have?

Seattle Blue buds are dark forest green, have rusty pistils and a fine coating of white trichomes.

What effects does Seattle Blue have?

The effects of Seattle Blue are described to lean towards the indica family side as many feel a pleasaant body buzz that alleviates their mild pains and aches. Some notice feeling uplifted in spirit as everything seems to make them just a little more happy.

Is Seattle Blue an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Seattle Blue is a balanced hybrid strain.