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The indica cannabis strain Madagascar has a floral scent with earthy, skunky undertones and a taste that’s similar – with reviewers stating that its taste isn’t pleasant. Its buds are an array of green shades with orange hues and vivid golden orange hairs entwined throughout. 

Madagascar is known as a landrace strain, being native to the island of Madagascar. 

The THC level of this strain is currently being tested, though its high is well-known to create a powerful sedation that will cause the consumer to fall asleep easily. However, this strain’s high does not last long. Those suffering from insomnia will enjoy Madagascar’s immediate effects but may be disappointed if steps aren’t made to fall asleep quickly. It also help relax the body as sleepiness is induced while causing the mind to lose negative thoughts and pay less attention to surroundings. This strain is best used at night, as it will cause laziness if consumed during the day. 

The ill side-effects of this strain include dizziness, dry mouth, and dry eyes.

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Indica Madagascar