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The balanced hybrid cannabis strain X-Tra Chz is known to emit an extremely cheesy scent and have a creamy well-aged cheese flavor, thus this strain’s name. Its harvest-ready buds are big and shaped like popcorn, being a dark forest green in color.

THC levels of this strain often average between 10-16%, so be sure to check potency before purchasing/consuming. Its high will increase creativity as well as focus – and for some, energy as well. Social tendencies will arise, making conversation more stimulating. Creative activities will feel more fluid as you complete them. X-Tra Chz may be a hybrid and induce some relaxation of the body, but this strain is more prone to show sativa effects and increase in productivity. X-Tra Chz will also induce the munchies.

Not many ill side-effects are associated with X-Tra Chz, but note that many strains may cause paranoia or anxiety when improperly consumed.

It takes between nine and ten weeks for X-Tra Chz to fully flower for reaping.


X-Tra Chz first blossomed under the care of MTG Seeds. Its parent strains are both cheesy: the hybrid Cheese #1 and indica-dominant Cheese Bomb.

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Hybrid X-Tra Chz