THC: 22% CBD: <1% After Work

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About this Hybrid Strain

This sativa-leaning cannabis plant (60% sativa/40% indica) will generate small, light buds with lime green calyxes and a moderate coverage of pistils and trichomes. When broken, the nugs smell of freshly sliced lemons and limes mixed with a bit of dirt, and when burned in a bowl, the buds taste much like they smell with the addition of hints of black pepper. Supernatural won 2nd Place in the Best Sativa category at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2012.

Lab tests put its potency around 22% THC.

Surprisingly enough, despite its sativa-like inclinations in a grow, Supernatural can induce sleepiness, especially in higher doses. The high resides primarily in the head, which can relieve stress, headaches, migraines, glaucoma, or low moods. It can also bring on a case of the munchies, so keep a snack on hand.

The most commonly reported side effect from Supernatural is red eyes.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 22%
CBD: <1%


This strain was bred by Exotic Genetix, and it’s a cross between The Flav and Grape God.

Genetic Lineage

Frequently Asked Questions About Supernatural

What is Supernatural?

Supernatural is an award winning sativa-leaning hybrid strain that boosts a strong head buzz.

Where does Supernatural come from?

Supernatural is a cross of The Flav and Grape God.

What does Supernatural smell like?

Supernatural carries a sweet and earthy aroma with hints of skunk and spice. It exudes a pleasant scent that can be described as a blend of floral notes with undertones of citrus and herbs.

What does Supernatural taste like?

Supernatural offers a flavor profile that combines sweet and herbal notes with hints of spice and earthiness. It provides a smooth and enjoyable experience with a slightly fruity and skunky aftertaste

What color does Supernatural have?

Supernatural buds tend to be bright green, often with accents of orange or purple. The flowers are usually dense, rounded, medium sized, and covered in a layer of sparkling white trichomes. They have short and thin orange pistils that barely peek through the foilage.

What effects does Supernatural have?

Supernatural is known for its balanced effects, combining relaxation and mental stimulation. Its experience is described as being more mellow with a gentle easing of muscle tension and promoting a calm state of mind. Some note feeling more creative and mentally clear, others feel relaxed and content.

Is Supernatural an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Supernatural is classified as an sativa-dominant hybrid strain.