Strawberry Ice


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About this Hybrid Strain

If you’re a fan of sweet mints, then Strawberry Ice is going to be one of your favorite strains. Its scent and flavor are just as the name implies, being of sweet fruit similar to strawberries. On the exhale, fans of this strain enjoy its minty aftertaste.

Strawberry Ice has been reported by reviewers as being a very uplifting strain, often increasing both energy and creativity while allowing the consumer to maintain a clear-headed high. It’s the winner of the 2015 Oregon DOPE Cup, so its reputation often precedes itself. Strawberry Ice may relax the body without leaving it in a state of sedation, while improving inspiration to help get things done. Some consumers have said they’ve enjoyed conversations far more while using Strawberry Ice, so it’s possibly a good strain for social interaction.

Strawberry Ice is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and according to its fans, it’s unlikely that it will bring on many indica effects such as hunger, sedation, or relief from chronic pain. THC levels range around the low to mid-twenties, while CBD levels are extremely low. Some medical consumers have indicated that they like this strain to help relieve depression, fatigue, and stress, but say that it should be avoided if you’re prone to anxiety as it’s possible Strawberry Ice may worsen it.

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