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Sticky buns is a hybrid cannabis strain, enjoyed by reviewers who say it has evenly balanced effects. Born from a Kush Mints and Gelatti cross, this tasty strain will quickly lift you up, and slowly bring you down, according to many who have consumed it. Its name reflects the sticky and resinous buds that a well-cultivated batch will produce.

Sticky Buns is reported by users to create a rush of cerebral euphoria along with a relaxing full body melt that may leave you stuck on the couch. Some say creative endeavors flow more easily with Sticky Buns. Still, it is also noted to be a long-lasting and relaxing experience, that may help ease conditions such as stress, nausea, migraines, and loss of appetite.

When you open up a Sticky Buns package, you're greeted with a sweet, nutty, creamy, vanilla aroma, with a hint of earth and spice. Its flavor is just as tantalizing, and offers a mouthwatering, sweet and sugary mix of nutty vanilla overtones, with notes of herbs and spice on the exhale. Upon inspection, the buds of Sticky Buns are forest green, with amber tones, and are coated in sticky glandular trichomes that give it a golden sheen. You will find that THC levels average in the '20s.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sticky Buns

What is Sticky Buns?

Sticky Buns is an evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain, highly sought out for its delicious flavor and aroma, and THC levels averaging in the '20s.

What does Sticky Buns mean?

Sticky Buns received its name from its terpene profile and bud structure, that mimics the baked confection.

Where does Sticky Buns come from?

The lineage of Sticky Buns comes from crossing Kush Mints and Gelatti strains.

What does Sticky Buns smell like?

The aroma of Sticky Buns is reminiscent of its name, emitting notes of sweet vanilla, nuts, earth, and spice.

What does Sticky Buns taste like?

The flavor of Sticky Buns is sweet and creamy, with vanilla and nuts, along with a spicy and herbal exhale.

What color does Sticky Buns have?

The buds of Sticky Buns have shades of forest green and amber, with a heavy coating of sticky trichomes.

What effects does Sticky Buns have?

The effects of Sticky Buns have been reviewed to be evenly balanced, starting with a euphoric and cerebral lift, that is followed by a full-body relaxation, that often leaves the user couch-locked.

Is Sticky Buns an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Sticky Buds is an evenly balanced 50/50 hybrid.