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The indica-dominant (65% indica/35% sativa) flowers on Purple Sage exude the scents of lemons sprinkled with sage. After loading the light-green nugs from this cannabis plant into a pipe, the smoke tastes much like the aroma, with a bit of charred wood aftertaste clinging to the back of the throat.

This strain is a certain couch-locker, and it can cause drowsiness even at moderate doses. Purple Sage can stimulate creative thoughts and facilitate physical intimacy in the bedroom, too. Users often say this strain may help with a variety of mental conditions, such as constant stress, exhaustion, fatigue, low moods, or mood swings. It is recommended for nighttime use.

Side effects from Purple Sage include cottonmouth and red eyes.


Purple Sage is a cross of SAGE and some other mystery strain believed to be a “purple” plant of some sort.

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Purple Sage - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Purple Sage