Peppermint Cookies

THC: 19-22% CBD: <1% Nighttime

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About this Hybrid Strain

The indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Peppermint Cookies has been the winner of the Seattle DOPE Cup (2015). Its scent and smell are reminiscent of its name, being sweet, minty, and with undertones of nuts.

Peppermint Cookies' harvest-ready buds are shaped like spades, forest green, and covered with both a decent layer of trichomes and orange pistils.

THC levels average between 19-22%. After consumption, its high will begin to relax the body and mind into a euphoric state, easing all pains and tension. This strain is known to sedate, so consuming in the evenings or at night is recommended. Despite the laziness that comes with consuming Peppermint Cookies, some reviewers have noted it can cause the giggles or make the consumer talkative.

Negative effects are rare with this strain, with dry mouth being the main culprit.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 19-22%
CBD: <1%


Peppermint Cookies is a phenotype of the infamous GSC with little known about how its genes were bred. It first blossomed under the care of Goldleaf Gardens in Washington state.

Genetic Lineage