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Mother’s Milk is a sativa-dominant strain that has a milky sheen due to its thick layer of crystal trichomes that covers its flowers.

Some of its consumers report that Mother’s Milk offers them a heady quality experience, sometimes producing the effects of a light buzz of creativity that stimulates the mind and may make them productive. The user’s mind may experience euphoria which replaces the stresses or anxiety of the day and which allows one’s body to lightly calm and relax. Some have shared they’ve experienced a stronger indica-like effect that allowed them to relax into a full sedation as the high wore down.

Mother’s Milk is a strain that was first bred by Bodhi Seeds, which is the same breeder of Tiger’s Milk and White Lotus strains.

THC levels often average around 20%. Its scent and flavor are earthy like freshly churned soil, and some batches have a sweet vanilla or honey-like undertone.

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