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Delightful and soothing, MacMints combines the best attributes of MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) with the refreshing essence of mint. This indica-dominant, hybrid cultivar provides the perfect balance of relaxation and mental clarity. Adorned with vibrant orange pistils, MacMints' lush, forest-green buds are dense and compact and are accented by deep purple color tones. A generous dusting of trichomes gives the buds a frosty white appearance.

The refreshing aroma of MacMints suggests the fragrance of fresh mint leaves with the subtle sweetness of baked cookies. Likewise, it has a full-bodied taste reminiscent of sweet mint accented by subtly earthy cookies.

Consumers have shared the effects of MacMints are balanced and soothing. Many experience relaxation and tranquility. They say MacMints can offer enhanced mental clarity and focus, allowing you to stay alert and engaged while enjoying its calming effects. It's a strain that strikes a harmonious balance between relaxation and mental well-being.

Genetic Lineage

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Hybrid MacMints
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Indica Hindu Kush
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Nepalese Origin
Thai Origin
African Origin

Frequently Asked Questions About MacMints

What is MacMints?

MacMints is a delightful and flavorful cannabis strain known for its refreshing minty taste and potent effects.

Where does MacMints come from?

MacMints is believed to be a cross of MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) and Thin Mint GSC.

What does MacMints smell like?

MacMints boasts an aroma that combines sweet and minty notes. The strain's fragrance is often described as a fusion of sugary sweetness and cool, refreshing mint, reminiscent of a mint chocolate dessert.

What does MacMints taste like?

MacMints delivers a burst of sweet and creamy flavors, similar to the taste of a mint chocolate treat. The strain's flavor profile is further enhanced by hints of earthiness and a subtle spiciness, providing a well-rounded and delightful taste experience.

What color does MacMints have?

MacMints' buds are typically medium to large in size and feature a dense and compact structure. The nugs are adorned with shades of deep green, often highlighted by patches of purple and rusty orange pistils, adding to its visual allure. A generous coating of trichomes covers the buds.

What effects does MacMints have?

MacMints offers a well-balanced set of effects that combine cerebral euphoria with physical relaxation. The high starts with a wave of happiness and upliftment, inducing a sense of euphoria and contentment. As the experience progresses, the strain's hybrid nature comes into play, bringing about a soothing and calming effect that gently eases tension and stress.

Is MacMints an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

MacMints is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.