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This sativa-dominant hybrid produces neon green buds caked in a frosty layer of trichomes. The scent exuding from Limon’s flowers resembles a blend of diesel fuel, skunk, with just a touch of citrus.

When smoking this cannabis plant, however, the lemon really comes through, overpowering the pungent qualities of the scent.

This strain’s effects are felt mostly in the head. It will get the mind racing, focused, and alert, making it an excellent strain for those who need to be medicated while working, running errands, or just for staying awake during a social smoke session. Although it does get the brain running, it has soothing properties, so anxiety does not usually accompany its buzz. It also works decently for managing minor pains and headaches.

Common side effects from Limon include dry, red eyes. Some users, especially those sensitive to sativas, may experience a little paranoia, particularly in higher doses.

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CBD: <1%


Limon comes from the Colorado cannabis outlet LivWell. It’s a cross of Strawberry Diesel, Sour Diesel, and NYC Diesel.

Genetic Lineage

Limon - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Limon

Frequently Asked Questions About Limon

What is Limon?

Limon is a heavy leaning sativa dominant hybrid strain with powerful parent strains.

Where does Limon come from?

Limon is a cross of Strawberry Diesel, Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel.

What does Limon smell like?

Limon has a potent diesel smell that is dank, earthy and peppery with detectable notes of citrus.

What does Limon taste like?

Limon has a citrus flavor that is mostly dominated by the powerful flavor of skunk and diesel fuel. This bud is sour and spicy.

What color does Limon have?

Limon has minty green buds that are leafy but dense. It has thin orange pistils and a heavy coating of yellow trichomes.

What effects does Limon have?

Fans of Limon have said this strain has powerful cerebral effects that can help anyone be more productive as they feel a stronger sense of focus, energy and determination. This new wave of focus has been said to be paired with a pleasant mental and body buzz that is euphoric. Most really enjoy this strain though for the clear minded, hyper awareness and increased energy they experience.

Is Limon an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Limon is a sativa dominant hybrid strain.