Lemon Berry Candy OG


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About this Hybrid Strain

The Lemon Berry Candy OG cannabis strain has some interesting genetics linked to Las Vegas. It’s a cross between Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and LGBT, or rather, Lemon Grape Bubba Temple. What makes this strain unique is its higher CBD level, usually averaging at 3%, along with a high THC level resting at 25%.

After being cured, Lemon Berry Candy OG buds are shaped like fat cones bearing bright green tones with olive green leaves. It has wispy orange pistils and a light coating of trichomes. Sometimes slight splotches of violet can be seen throughout its buds.
The aroma and flavor of the Lemon Berry Candy OG strain is similar to diesel and sour citrus, sometimes with a hint of sweet berries mixed in.

Effects have been reputed to reduce anxiety and stress, replacing racing thoughts with creativity, motivation, or focus. Some have used this strain to help in completing creative projects while others enjoy being social and striking up conversations.

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