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Humboldt Purps is an Indica dominant strain that offers consumers a pleasant and pleasurable body high, as reported by consumers, that is perfectly paired for a relaxing evening at home.

A cross between the two strains, Humboldt Snow and Purple Urkle, Humboldt Purps produces purple-hued and light green buds that smell like pine and fresh earth. Its taste is smooth, spicy, and almost exotic.

Reviewers have enjoyed Humboldt Purps for its relaxing and soothing effects that slowly takes over the body. As its Indica properties settle in, users report a soft and gentle body buzz that may ease you to sleep. Other enjoy Humboldt Purps’ potential to ease symptoms of pain, nausea, insomnia, and anxiety.

THC percentage levels remain around the mid to upper teens, so it’s best to check your batch levels before preparing a serving for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Humboldt Purps

What is Humboldt Purps?

Humboldt Purps is an Indica dominant cannabis strain with THC percentage levels averaging in the mid to low teens. Users have noted that this strain is suitable for evening use because it offers a euphoric and relaxing high that may cause sleepiness when overly consumed.

What does Humboldt Purps mean?

The strain Humboldt Purps may have received its name from its parents, Purple Urkle and Humboldt Snow.

Where does Humboldt Purps come from?

Humboldt Purps weed is bred by cross the two strains Humboldt Snow and Purple Urkle.

What does Humboldt Purps smell like?

The scent of Humboldt Purps is earthy and sweet with notes of pine when broken apart.

What does Humboldt Purps taste like?

The flavor of Humboldt Purps is spicy with sweet and exotic overtones.

What color does Humboldt Purps have?

The purple-hued buds of Humboldt Purps are covered in light orange pistils and a mild level of trichomes that lighten its tone.

What effects does Humboldt Purps have?

Users have noted that Humboldt Purps may relieve stress and anxiety. Others have also felt relaxation spread throughout the body.

Is Humboldt Purps an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Humboldt Purps is an Indica dominant cannabis strain.