Grand Hustle

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About this Hybrid Strain

Success only comes from hustling: if you need to get your hustle on, find this strain. Grand Hustle’s buds are shaped like little pine cones, shining light green beneath a layer of thick trichomes.

The flowers smell like Earl Grey tea leaves with a hint of spice and dirt. The smoke tastes like seared, spicy wood chips.

This strain’s heady effects will instill a sense of focus coupled with relaxation. The mind gets racing with the first hit. Grand Hustle tends to stay in the head, so although it may not be the best strain for treating pain, it works wonders for fatigue, lack of appetite, low moods, or lack of motivation.

For daytime users, this strain is perfect. If you need to fall asleep, you may want to avoid the Grand Hustle, as it could keep you awake all night. Dry mouth and bouts of slight paranoia may also accompany use of this strain.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
CBD: <1%


Grand Hustle is a cross of Afgoo and Green Crack; it’s that second parent which likely gives this strain its energetic effects.

Genetic Lineage