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Georgia Pine, with its predominantly sativa influences, captures the invigorating essence and unblemished charm of the South's natural beauty. This lively blend of Super Silver Haze and Trainwreck is a perfect energizing hybrid whose refreshing effects are as potent and delightful as Georgia's botanical garden. The Georgia Pine strain is synonymous with cultivating invigorating experiences and emanating a unique fragrance that leaves an undying impression on its users. The robust and exceptional quality of the Georgia Pine is most evident in its buds, which are quite large, thick, and of elongated form, and stand as firm testimony to its potential and qualities. They are also characteristically a lush green and often embellished with touches of purple, vividly colorful traits which set the variety apart from ordinary pines and which also make it an asset as an ornamental tree of great distinction. The orange pistils stand out in sharp contrast with the purple and green, and the whole array is festooned with the pale yellow of the white trichomes. The visual effects of all this color and glitter are to make the buds look as though they have been lightly frosted.

Named for its origin, Georgia Pine guarantees an aromatic trip that brings you back to a stroll through the pine woods with its earthy and piney scent that is both fixed and refreshing, while still carrying hints of citrus and flowers for a comprehensive exploration. The scent alone mirrors its flavor profile faithfully along with its earthy notes and dashes of woods in the taste which are beautifully accompanied by a zip of citrus and a barely there touch of floral underlines.

Supporters of Georgia Pine extol its capacity to offer an elevating surge of stamina which, nevertheless, augments concentration and elevates spirits. The variety is famous for jump-starting an explosion of mirthful determination which, in turn, generates inventiveness and invigorates a feeling of anticipation. Its aftermath is particularly accommodating to artistic workshops: mingling in social dabbles or touring by daylight, thereby personalizing it as a flexible variety for the purpose of including an outburst of encouragement into their common method.

The ancestry of this strain hints at qualities of durability and a tendency to thrive in a bright, Mediterranean-style environment, both characteristics of the lineage of its original plant varieties. It is supposed that the fresh, piney smell it gives off is thanks to the pinene. This scent is often associated with the sheer power offered by this plant, as well as an uplifting high that may be its best and most potent quality. Limonene and myrcene are assumed to cause the hints of citrus both in the taste and aroma, as well as overwhelming hints of flowers and herbs. The plant life is also typical of most sativa-dominant strains, with elongated, thin buds that should mature in around nine weeks. Like so many of the strains available today, the secret to good growth lies in proper attention to environmental factors.

Genetic Lineage

G13 - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica G13
G13 - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica G13

Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia Pine

What is Georgia Pine?

Georgia Pine has a piney aroma, energizing effects and uplifting qualities.

Where does Georgia Pine come from?

Georgia Pine is believed to be a cross of Killer Queen G13 and William's Wonder.

What does Georgia Pine smell like?

Georgia Pine carries a strong and distinct pine aroma. It is known for its refreshing and invigorating scent with notes of flowers and citrus.

What does Georgia Pine taste like?

Georgia Pine has a pronounced pine taste with undertones of earthiness and citrus which brings a light refreshness to the taste.

What color does Georgia Pine have?

Georgia Pine buds tend to come in vibrant shades of green with purple highlights. The buds have fiery-orange pistils throughout the dense and elongated flowers that are covered in a fine layer of white trichomes.

What effects does Georgia Pine have?

Georgia Pine has energizing effects that promote creativity, focus and sociability. Users may experience increased energy, enhanced mood and a sense of well-being. 

Is Georgia Pine an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Georgia Pine is often classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid.