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Full Moon is a pure sativa strain of Thai landrace origin, meaning it has been growing in nature for a long time. It was discovered by Nirvana Seeds on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. It is named after the Full Moon party celebrated every month on Haad Rin Beach. As you can guess, users report an intense burst of energy and enhanced sensitivity to sound, light, and kinesthetic stimulation. This extra energy and enhanced sensory perception can be the perfect catalyst to help the user be more creatively productive no matter what may be the activity. Suddenly music becomes more articulate and beautiful, art becomes more pronounced, and the touch of a partner leads to enhanced arousal. It’s no wonder why this strain was named after a party.

Perhaps more than any other strain, Full Moon has been described as “trippy” with intense visuals much like those experienced with psychedelic drugs. The intense energy and creative lucidity that comes with this strain enhances any activity whether it be exercise, dancing, or even sex. Moderation is key, as this strain has the potential to leave the novice user with a disorienting head high, and a heightened sense of paranoia. Medical users may find reprieve in Full Moon as it has been reported to be helpful with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and intestinal disorders.

Growing Full Moon can be a challenge as it is a very tall plant to grown indoors and requires a tropical climate to flourish. Cultivators must have patience too, as this strain can take up to 14 weeks to flower.

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Full Moon - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Full Moon

Frequently Asked Questions About Full Moon

What is Full Moon?

Full Moon is sativa strain that was discovered by Nirvana Seeds on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

What does Full Moon mean?

Full Moon is the name of a party celebrated on Haad Rin Beach of the island Koh Phangan in Thailand, which inspired the naming of this strain due to it’s uplifting cerebral effect and intense visuals as reported by users.

Where does Full Moon come from?

Full Moon comes from the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

What does Full Moon smell like?

Full Moon has smells of earth, citrus, and skunk.

What does Full Moon taste like?

This strain tastes of tropical citrus, with a tangy earth aftertaste.

What color does Full Moon have?

Full Moon is blend of light and dark green leaves encased in a net of orange pistils with a trichrome crust.

What effects does Full Moon have?

This strain offers a euphoric and energetic cerebral high with intense visuals which has been described by users as “trippy.”

Is Full Moon an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Full Moon is a pure sativa.