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Dragon is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain that is newer to the cannabis world, unlike many other hybrids. This strain is believed to be a descendant of the Dutch Dragon cultivar. These Christmas tree-shaped buds are light green and have an abundance of orange pistils that spider through and around the buds. A thin coating of white trichomes saturates the entire buds which makes the buds glisten.

Breaking apart the buds of Dragon will release an earthy aroma with notes of herbs and pine that are both pungent, sweet, and spicy. It has a flavor that follows suit to its aroma. When combusted, Dragon has a pungent earthy and herbal taste combined with subtle notes of sweet pine and spice.

Consumers of Dragon have shared this hybrid strain to elevate their mood, relax their body, and awakens their creativity. Some have reported having giggle bouts while others say they enjoy its euphoric buzz.

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Dragon - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Dragon

Frequently Asked Questions About Dragon

What is Dragon?

Dragon is an evenly-balanced hybrid.

Where does Dragon come from?

Dragon is a variety of Dutch Dragon.

What does Dragon smell like?

Dragon has a pungent earthy, herbal and spicy aroma.

What Dragon taste like?

Dragon tastes of sweet herbs, pine and spice.

What color does Dragon have?

Dragon has light green conical buds and thin swirling orange pistils.

What effects does Dragon have?

Dragon has mood enhancing qualities that are uplifting and provide a euphoric buzz in both body and mind.

Is Dragon an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Dragon is an evenly-balanced hybrid that is newer to the cannabis world.