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If you don’t mind the taste of some skunky buds and prefer a high that’s been described by reviewers as creating cerebral calmness and focus, it’s time you give Dog Walker a try.

This hybrid has fans of its effects who enjoy its potential in creating a relaxed, tranquil high that has left some with a rise in hunger. Others explain they have used this strain to help with pain and symtoms of mood disorders, along with appetite loss as the munchies sometimes kick in.

Those that have tried this strain say they have enjoyed its scent, which is full of citrus with notes of pine. Once it’s broken up, the skunky scent tends to arise, and its taste mimics this side of its terpene profile.

Dog Walker tends to have extremely high THC percentages, sometimes reaching the 30’s depending on how it’s been cultivated and cured.

When you take a good look at a few nuggets of Dog Walker, you’ll notice they can be packed with trichomes that give it an icy appeal with little almond-brown pistils jetting out.

Genetic Lineage

Dog Walker - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Dog Walker

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Walker

What is Dog Walker?

Dog Walker is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid packed with flavor and aroma.

Where does Dog Walker come from?

Dog Walker is a cross of Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91

What does Dog Walker smell like?

Dog Walker has an intense skunk and wet earth aroma. Its smell is very distinctive of being sour with a touch of spice.

What does Dog Walker taste like?

Dog Walker has a pungent taste of skunk and gas. It has some earthy notes of damp earth and an aftertaste that is a little bit spicy on the exhale.

What color does Dog Walker have?

Dog Walker has dark green buds that are overtaken by the yellow and orange leaves. There can be accents of purple but the caked golden-trichomes are the predominant color on these buds.

What effects does Dog Walker have?

Dog Walker has been said by many as a strain that brings cerebral calmness, focus and clear motivation. Fans of Dog Walker say it brings a tranquil experience that leaves them with a clear head and relaxed body. Some have said it ignites their hunger so keep some food close.

Is Dog Walker an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Dog Walker is an indica-dominant hybrid