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About this Hybrid Strain

Deep Breath has remarkable potency and a commanding presence. Its striking buds burst with dark forest greens and bright orange pistils and are enveloped in a thick, glistening blanket of trichomes.

The aroma of Deep Breath is reminiscent of an aromatic garden in full bloom. Cracking open these buds releases an intoxicating blend of floral and earthy notes, underscored by a hint of herbal spice. Inhaling its smoke unveils a satisfying, full-bodied flavor, of earth and herbs, punctuated by a tantalizing and subtle spiciness. These flavors are often complemented by a subtle floral sweetness and an aftertaste that lingers like a fond memory.

The effects of Deep Breath are said to deliver a powerful wave of euphoria and mental clarity that inspires creativity. The physical sensations are calming without inducing sedation, empowering users to remain focused yet relaxed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Breath

What is Deep Breath?

Deep Breath is an exceptional cannabis strain, renowned for its tranquilizing effects and unique flavor profile.

Where does Deep Breath come from?

Deep Breath is a cross of Mendo Breath and GG#4.

What does Deep Breath smell like?

The aroma of Deep Breath is a captivating blend of earthiness and herbal notes, often with a subtle hint of spice. It exudes a grounding fragrance reminiscent of a tranquil forest.

What does Deep Breath taste like?

Deep Breath offers a full-bodied taste characterized by earthy and herbal flavors, occasionally accented by hints of spice.

What color does Deep Breath have?

Deep Breath's buds typically exhibit deep green colors, occasionally adorned with hints of purple. Its trichomes are white and its pistils are light orange.

What effects does Deep Breath have?

True to its name, Deep Breath's effects are centered around relaxation and tranquility. It initiates with a gentle wave of calmness that washes over both the mind and body.

Is Deep Breath an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Deep Breath is an indica-leaning hybrid.