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About this Hybrid Strain

Chemband is a powerful hybrid that brings together the genetics of Chemdawg and 707 Headband. This unique combination results in a strain with a strong and distinct character. Chemband buds are typically medium to large and display a dense, rounded and compact structure. The nugs are often dark green, having accents of purple, and are complemented by a generous frosting of white trichomes. Vibrant orange pistils add even more visual appeal.

Chemband has a pungent and memorable aroma. When the buds are broken apart, they release a strong chemical-like scent with diesel highlights and earthy and piney accents. Its flavor is skunky, danky and fuel-like with a spicy finish.

Consumers of Chemband say it has a well-rounded high which begins with a flood of euphoria that helps to channel focus. Many have shared it also invigorates their creative thinking; making it a favorite among artists and musicians. As the high progresses, a wave of deep relaxation arrives, soothing muscles and relieving tension.

Genetic Lineage

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Hybrid Chemband
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Nepalese Origin
Thai Origin

Frequently Asked Questions About Chemband

What is Chemband?

Chemband is a cannabis strain known for its potent effects and unique combination of genetics.

Where does Chemband come from?

Chemband is a cross of Chemdawg and 707 Headband.

What does Chemband smell like?

Chemband typically exhibits a strong and pungent aroma. It often carries a blend of earthy, diesel-like and skunky notes. The scent has subtle hints of citrus or pine.

What does Chemband taste like?

Chemband has a flavor described as a combination of earthy, fuel-like and citrus flavors. It may have a sweet and sour undertone, accompanied by a slightly spicy or herbal aftertaste.

What color does Chemband have?

Chemband buds exhibit deep green hues with patches of purple or dark amber. The buds are often dense and coated in a thick layer of white trichomes, making them sticky. Additionally, the strain may feature rust-colored pistils.

What effects does Chemband have?

Chemband is known for providing a balanced combination of effects. Users say they often experience a strong cerebral rush that provides an uplifted mood, enhanced creativity and a burst of energy. It can also induce a relaxing and soothing sensation throughout the body.

Is Chemband an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Chemband is believed to be a balanced hybrid strain.