Chem Trails

THC: 20.39% CBD: 0.05% Daytime

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About this Hybrid Strain

Chem Trails is a popular cannabis strain known for its unique combination of flavors, potent effects, and eye-catching appearance. Chem Trails has densely packed and sticky buds. The nugs are typically medium to large in size and range in color from deep green to shades of purple. These colorful flowers are also adorned with fiery-orange pistils and a generous coating of trichomes.

The aroma of Chem Trails combines both earthy and pungent notes. It has a distinct gasoline-like scent with hints of pine and subtle floral undertones. Similar to its scent, Chem Trails flavor is a combination of earthy and fuel-like tones with a touch of citrus and a subtle sweetness.

The effects of Chem Trails are said to be powerful and long-lasting, making it a favorite among experienced cannabis users. Fans report it delivers a balanced combination of cerebral and physical effects. Initially, users say they experience an uplifting and euphoric head high that enhances their clarity and focus. As the high progresses, they note a deep relaxation washes over the body, melting away stress and tension.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20.39%
CBD: 0.05%
Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Beta Caryophyllene: 0.383%
Limonene: 0.233%
Beta Myrcene: 0.148%

Genetic Lineage

Chem Trails - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Chem Trails

Frequently Asked Questions About Chem Trails

What is Chem Trails?

Chem Trails is a cannabis strain known for its potent effects and unique combination of genetics.

Where does Chem Trails come from?

Chem Trails currently has an unknown lineage.

What does Chem Trails smell like?

The aroma of Chem Trails carries a pungent and skunky scent with earthy undertones. Some individuals detect hints of diesel, citrus, and pine.

What does Chem Trails taste like?

The taste of Chem Trails is often described as a combination of earthy and citrus flavors, with a fuel-like or diesel taste. It has undertones that are both sweet and spicy.

What color does Chem Trails have?

Chem Trails buds are dense and average in a medium size. They vary in shades of green, have rust-colored pistils, and yellow-ish trichomes that cover the buds.

What effects does Chem Trails have?

Chem Trails has been described as having a potent cerebral high that is uplifting and euphoric. Users report feeling an increase in clarity, focus, and energy. Some individuals also describe a relaxed and calming sensation that can alleviate stress and tension.

Is Chem Trails an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Chem Trails is believed to be a slight sativa-leaning hybrid strain.