Blue Magoo

About this Hybrid Strain

Yes – Blue Magoo not only has blue hues in its buds, but its scent is slightly reminiscent of blueberries, being sweet, fruity, and earthy, as if you’ve just gotten done picking berries right off their bushes.

Whether you grab this strain to induce hunger or not, be sure to have some snacks handy since a case of the munchies will more than likely pop up. Blue Magoo also improves mood and creativity, so engaging in a hobby could be fun after consuming this one.

Blue Magoo is a hybrid, so you’ll experience both sativa and indica effects, though their intensity will depend on how the strain reacts with your body chemistry. Some have reported a slight boost of energy while others may become sleepy, so don’t overdo this strain until you know how it affects you.

The buds you see here were cultivated by Shango, and their color, along with the multitude of trichomes, indicate a great growing environment.

Genetic Lineage

Blue Magoo - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Blue Magoo