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The frosty buds of Batman OG are spade-shaped and consist of pastel shades of green with light amber pistils. They create a scent that’s of skunk, flowers, pine, and a hint of lime. Its taste is similar, with skunky notes lingering in its aftertaste.

THC levels of Batman OG tend to range in the mid 20’s. Reviewers say they have found the effects to be great for adventures with friends. They’ve described their mood as uplifted while they maintained moderate energy levels. Fans of Batman OG say it gives them the munchies and helps them to enjoy time with company and to engage in creative endeavors.

Some medical consumers stated they’ve used Batman OG to help fight chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, and appetite issues.

As far as batman OG’s lineage goes, it currently remains unknown.

Genetic Lineage

Batman OG - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Batman OG

Frequently Asked Questions About Batman OG

What is Batman OG?

Batman OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that yield high levels of THC and like the character it was named after has a heritage rooted in secrecy.

Where does Batman OG come from?

Batman OG has an unknown lineage

What does Batman OG smell like?

Batman OG has an overwhelming sour skunk aroma. It is gassy and has notes of spice.

What does Batman OG taste like?

Batman OG has a rich, musky earth flavor that finsihes with a skunky aftertaste.

What color does Batman OG have?

Batman OG has dense, rounded buds that are an olive green with light faded purple highlights that almost shimmer. It has a frosted coating of white trichomes with dull the color of the buds which make it appear pale.

What effects does Batman OG have?

Medical Reviewers of Batman OG have said it is a powerful and potent strain that can relieve any kind of physical pain. Fans of Batman OG say that its effects start in the mind with their mood elevating and their energy levels increasing. As the effects build, users notice the effects transfer into the body as they feel a sensation of being weightless and numb.

Is Batman OG an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Batman OG is an indica-dominant hybrid