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About this Hybrid Strain

The Barney Purple is an indica dominant cannabis strain that packs a powerful punch according to reviewers.

The dense, round green buds have deep purple hues throughout and bursts of orange pistils among the dark green leaves. A layer of trichome frost covers everything. When you see the amount of purple sometimes present in Barney Purple weed, you can understand how it got its name.

Barney Purple THC levels generally range between 15% and 19%. Those who have enjoyed this strain share that deep relaxation and a powerful body buzz simultaneously take over the body while the mind enjoys mild psychedelic effects. Peacefulness, calmness, and eventual sleepiness are what consumers enjoy the most.

When consuming this strain, hints of grape and other sweet aromas stand out along with undertones of skunk.

Genetic Lineage

Frequently Asked Questions About Barney Purple

What is Barney Purple?

Barney Purple cannabis strain is a hybrid with predominantly indica characteristics.

What does Barney Purple mean?

The name of the Barney Purple cannabis strain alludes to purported Purple Urkle lineage and the bud’s purple colored leaves.

Where does Barney Purple come from?

The name of the Barney Purple cannabis strain comes from its Purple Urkle lineage and the purple color of the bud’s leaves.

What does Barney Purple smell like?

Barney Purple cannabis strain smells like grapes and sweetness with skunky undertones.

What does Barney Purple taste like?

Barney Purple cannabis strain tastes like grape and sweetness with spicy undertones.

What color does Barney Purple have?

Barney Purple cannabis strain is dark green with dark purple hues throughout the flower.

What effects does Barney Purple have?

The effects of Barney Purple cannabis strain include a powerful relaxing body buzz, mild psychedelics, peacefulness, and calmness according to reviewers.

Is Barney Purple an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Barney Purple is a hybrid cannabis strain.