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Aztec OG is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain that some reviewers have noted for its well-balanced effects. Consumers have reported that the OG Kush lineage comes through in the form of calming effects but that Aztec OG won’t lay you out unless consumed in large amounts.

Aztec OG buds are dark green with sparse orange pistils and a light layer of trichomes. Be sure not to underestimate Aztec OG.

Aromas of sweetness, like grapefruit, come forward with earthiness and chemical flavor.

Genetic Lineage

Aztec OG - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Aztec OG

Frequently Asked Questions About Aztec OG

What is Aztec OG?

Aztec OG cannabis strain is a well-balanced hybrid with both cerebral and body effects, according to those who have tried it.

What does Aztec OG mean?

Aztec OG means this cannabis strain is an OG Kush derivative with unkown Aztec origins.

Where does Aztec OG come from?

The Aztec OG cannabis strain name derives from OG Kush heritage and an unknown Aztec strain history.

What does Aztec OG smell like?

Aztec OG cannabis strain smells like sweetness and grapefruit.

What does Aztec OG taste like?

Aztec OG cannabis strain tastes like earthiness and chemical flavor.

What color does Aztec OG have?

Aztec OG cannabis strain is dark green with few orange pistils and very light trichome covering.

What effects does Aztec OG have?

Aztec OG cannabis strain is said by reviewers to be well-balanced with a euphoric uplifting experience that is peaceful and relaxing.

Is Aztec OG an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Aztec OG cannabis strain is a hybrid.