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Whether enjoying a hike outdoors or relaxing with friends, Alpha Purps hybrid cannabis strain provides a balanced experience that accommodates either environment.

You will first notice Alpha Purps pungent aroma along with its dense flower configuration, light green with a trichome layer covering the entire nug. Along with the pungent diesel, aroma is a hint of berries and earthiness.

The flavor profile is similar to the aroma and you may also taste nutty and berry flavors.

Uplifting and energizing at first, Alpha Purps brings a wave of euphoria that washes over the mind and body. Some say Alpha Purps is energized relaxation. Great for both physical activity or doing nothing, Alpha Purps cannabis strain is a great stress reliever and a good choice to enjoy throughout your day.

Genetic Lineage

Alpha Purps - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Alpha Purps

Frequently Asked Questions About Alpha Purps

What is Alpha Purps?

Alpha Purps is a hybrid cannabis strain known for its balanced effects that can be used for either relaxing at home or hiking outside according to consumers.

What does Alpha Purps mean?

Alpha Purps strain’s name is a derivation of The Purps, a classic strain in its own right.

Where does Alpha Purps come from?

The Alpha Purps strain’s name comes from its parents including the classic strain The Purps.

What does Alpha Purps smell like?

Alpha Purps cannabis strain smells like pungent diesel along with hints of earth.

What does Alpha Purps taste like?

Alpha Purps tastes sweet, almost like berries or grape.

What color does Alpha Purps have?

Alpha Purps is a dense bud with deep green color and a light trichome layer.

What effects does Alpha Purps have?

Alpha Purps is said to be uplifting and energizing that is great for conversation or social activities.

Is Alpha Purps an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Alpha Purps is a hybrid cannabis strain.