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Alan Watts is a hybrid cannabis strain whose namesake was a modern-day zen philosopher know for stating that the only dangerous side effect of cannabis is that it could get you arrested.

Watts enjoyed exploring the limits of human consciousness through the use of cannabis and psychedelics. Not surprisingly, some reviewers report psychedelic effects from this strain.

Consumers have shared that the Alan Watts strain provides visual effects in addition to a heady high that is strong and long-lasting. Many reviewers suggest this strain is good for relieving pain and releasing stress.

The Alan Watts aroma has earthy undertones with a scent of fruit and a nutty aftertaste. Buds are mostly green with darker green leaves throughout and a layer of frosty trichomes.

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Alan Watts - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Alan Watts

Frequently Asked Questions About Alan Watts

What is Alan Watts?

Alan Watts cannabis strain is a hybrid with great flavor and complex effects according to reviewers.

What does Alan Watts mean?

Alan Watts cannabis strain is named after the popular zen philosopher who noted the only harm cannabis could bring is that it could get you arrested.

Where does Alan Watts come from?

Alan Watts cannabis strain is the namesake of the revered philosopher and cannabis proponent.

What does Alan Watts smell like?

Alan Watts cannabis strain smells earthy and nutty.

What does Alan Watts taste like?

Alan Watts cannabis strain can taste mildly earthy and nutty with hints of fruit.

What color does Alan Watts have?

Alan Watts cannabis strain is dark green with purple hues all throughout the buds.

What effects does Alan Watts have?

Reviewers have reported that Alan Watts cannabis strain has an almost psychedelic effect during a long-lasting, powerful high.

Is Alan Watts an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Alan Watts cannabis strain is a well-balanced hybrid according to consumers.