Differences Between Vaping & Smoking


A Teal Blue Vape pen lays next to cannabis flower placed in silver tin cans on a wooden desk.

Familiar with the raw feeling smoking puts in your throat after taking a hit of your favorite strain? That’s the heat of the lighter stinging your throat, and a generous cough means carcinogens from the fire are irritating your lungs.

Vape Pens are Healthier

Vape pens are better for our lungs and throat. They regulate the temperate our cannabis is burned at, produce 95% vapor instead of smoke, and don't put out nearly as much odor. This means less carcinogens in our lungs and body, and a decrease in the chances you'll accidentally burn your esophagus.

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Your Travel Experience is Less Stressful

When you vape oil, there’s no toting around nugs inside of a scent-concealing container or bag. There’s no worries about reaching into your pocket for eye drops and accidentally pulling out your glass pipe too: the sound of shattering paraphernalia putting a frown on everyone’s face. Even if you drop a vape pen, it most likely won’t break (depending on brand). They have some that mimic cigarettes so they can be discreet, and the vapor emitted from them is quite subtle, often smelling sweet instead of pungently skunky like weed can get.

Your Clothes and Calm Mind will Thank You

No more wondering if you smell like weed before going anywhere. Vaping will reduce the stress in your life because of the paranoia surrounding your scent that you thought was the weed! While some of you might enjoy smelling like prime dank as it symbolizes you’re down with the greens, some of us enjoy smelling like perfume or cologne as we vacation. If you put on perfume/cologne and then hot box, you’re going to smell like Pepe Le Pew.

Your Eyes will Shine

Red eyes. They happen more often when consuming via a pipe, the smoke and carcinogens irritating the delicate flesh of the cornea. Though keep in mind that some strains will give you red eyes regardless as they have cannabinoids that dilate blood vessels which then leads to red eyes too. However, vaping ensures those nasty chemicals from smoke won’t upset your eyes even more – so taking a hit before a dinner date won’t have you in a panic about how high you look.

Have fun Customizing your Pen

If you’re a little crafty, you can put gems, glitter, rhinestones, whatever you want on your pen. Although, there are a number of vape brands that carry unique pens designed to turn heads.