10 Facts about Cannabis Topicals

Using cannabis for ailments doesn't always require consuming it.


From basic hygiene to localized pain management, cannabis topicals are providing the health-conscious more natural care options.

What are Cannabis Topicals?

Cannabis topicals are substances that can be applied to the skin/on the body to control or treat a skin condition, supply localized pain relief, or simply improve the condition of the skin (such as adding moisture). Topicals can come in many forms such as lotions, ointments, oils, gels, balms, sprays, patches, etc. and contain traces of CBD, THC, and/or other cannabinoids. As the market for cannabis topicals grows along with proper studies and research supporting cannabis therapy, so do their uses.

10 Facts About Cannabis Topicals

  1. Topical administration is the "safest" method of consuming the plant. While your body isn't digesting it or making its way into your bloodstream via the lungs, it is absorbed through the skin tissue and binds to CB2 receptors. Topicals will not get you "high" or "stoned".
  2. Burns can be treated with a cannabis topical. Because CBD is anti-inflammatory and provides pain relief, products have hit the shelves containing this wondrous cannabinoid found in both cannabis and hemp to help treat burns naturally.
  3. Cannabis topicals can mimic pain creams' effects. A muscle ache or joint discomfort can be relieved with the right amount of cannabinoids absorbed through the skin - including pain from arthritis. Arthritis is caused by inflammation, leading us to...
  4. They can reduce inflammation. CBD has also been found to be an anti-inflammatory, meaning a topical infused with CBD can be applied directly to a swollen area on the body.
  5. Sex can vastly improve. Especially for women. Brands like FORIA sell cannabis-infused lubricants and oils that contain THC and CBD, providing new sensations in the bedroom.

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  6. Anti-bacterial properties make them perfect as soaps and creams. They aren't popular yet but they might be soon - a study in 2008 revealed cannabis's ability to fight against MRSA, a bacterial infection that develops from antibiotic resistance, meaning cannabis holds promise in the future of anti-bacterial medicine.
  7. You'll receive the best massage of your life if using an infused oil or lotion. Granted, it also depends on the skill of the masseuse, but with that detail aside, using an infused oil containing cannabinoids (especially CBD) during a massage will target the CB2 receptors in the skin. Inflammation will decrease and pain will subside more so, making them great remedies for arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, sports injuries, etc.
  8. Psoriasis is no match against a cannabis topical. A 2007 study found that cannabinoids inhibit the buildup of dead skin cells, which is the cause of psoriasis. More research is needed, though there exists plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting this notion.
  9. Topicals can help slow skin's aging. The National Academy of Sciences in 1998 published a study finding that THC has antioxidant properties and CBD is more powerful than vitamins E and C when it comes to skincare. Antioxidants speed the healing process as well as prevent tissue damage which is why they're important in anti-aging balms.

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  10. Cannabis patches offer a dulled high. While you won't have a psychadelic experience wearing an infused patch, they do release cannabinoids steadily throughout the day into your bloodstream to ease your ailment or provide mild relief. Lasting up to eight hours, such a method of delivery might make you feel different, but certainly not the typical "high" or "stone" from eating an edible or smoking a joint.