About this Hybrid Strain

The nicely balanced but sometimes indica-dominant cannabis strain UK Cheese, also known as Exodus Cheese, was named after its cheesy scent and breeding origin. Its taste is surprisingly sweet, with hints of spices and berries as well as the expected cheese flavor. 

When ready for reaping, its buds are light green and quite dense, with lots of orangey pistils. 

THC levels average just below 20% with some reaping in at 23%. Its high became popular in both the UK and throughout the world because it increases energy in the consumer as well as creates a euphoric state of mind – simultaneously relieving pain throughout the body. Sativa and indica effects are very well balanced in this strain. UK Cheese can increase alertness while easing the mind of worries. Meanwhile, the pain relief comes as a welcoming tingly sensation. 

Negative side-effects include paranoia, dizziness or headache when higher doses are improperly consumed.   

Lab Analysis

Cannabinoid Amount
THC 20-23%


UK Cheese gets its genetics from Skunk #1, being a phenotype of the flower. It was first bred in the early ‘90s by Exodus.


UK Cheese - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
UK Cheese Hybrid