Temple Spice


Taste & Smell


About this Sativa Strain

Sometimes searching for a divine calm can be exhausting, which is when Temple Spice comes in handy. It’s a high-CBD strain, averaging in the low teens, and has reviewers raving it helps them with pain and muscle spasms. While it’s a high CBD strain, it still boasts a THC average of around 8%.

This means that reviewers have claimed it both relaxes the body as well as the mind, and has been used by some for various symptoms beyond pain and muscle spasms such as aching joints and arthritis, stress, and nervousness.

Temple Spice’s aroma is not unlike the spices you’ll find in your pantry or in a bag of potpourri. Its terpene profile tends to mentally relax some users upon inhaling its scent. A well-cultivated batch of Temple Spice produces light green buds with tan pistils.

Genetic Lineage