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Outlaw is a sativa cannabis strain that creates a sweet aroma reminiscent of lemons and fresh soil. Its buds are spade-shaped and forest green, with amber pistils and a crystal layer of trichomes when ready for reaping.

Its parents are a cross between the sativa Haze and sativa Amnesia. Outlaw was first bred under the care of Dutch Passion. 

The THC levels of Outlaw averages at 13% with some crops reaching between 17-20%. It’s high might cause the consumer to forget what they’re doing – a strain that definitely creates the classic short-term memory loss cannabis has been known to create. It alleviates all negative thoughts and induces a surreal and euphoric head high that extends slightly into the body to relax it and relieve any mild pains/aches.

Outlaw isn’t a strain to be grown outdoors unless in a greenhouse. Some reviewers suggest using hydroponics with others claiming the Screen of Green (SCROG) method is best. Best flowering results occur at about 12 weeks, when it should be reaped, with some crops flowering as early as nine weeks. 

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Sativa Outlaw
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