Taste & Smell

About this Sativa Strain

Hailing from southeast Africa, the pure sativa strain Malawi is named after the region it was originally cultivated. Taking about 120 days to flower, this unique strain has a long cultivation period and can produce high levels of THC often reaching over 20%.

Malawi’s effects have been described by consumers as very heady, meaning it may slow down stressful thinking and possibly allow increased concentration and focus. Fans of this strain usually enjoy this effect and take advantage of it by zoning in on hobbies and creative tasks that involve attention to detail. Medical consumers have reputed Malawi’s effects to soothe anxiety, stress, migraines and even depression. For those that enjoy their cannabis more by consuming more in a serving, its effects have been described as psychedelic and can sometimes lead to an easily distracted but pleasant state of mind.

When Malawi is placed in front of you, you’ll first notice it’s composed of long, cone-shaped buds associated with your typical sativa strains, and a thick coating of trichomes that hint at how potent it can be. Its scent is of musky spices that mimic those of cinnamon and earthy pine while its taste leans more towards fresh earth.

When trying this strain, it’s important to note that taking too much may cause paranoia or anxiousness.

Genetic Lineage

Sativa Malawi