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About this Sativa Strain

Hailing from southeast Africa, the pure sativa strain Malawi is named after the region it was originally cultivated. Taking about 120 days to flower, this unique strain has a long cultivation period and can produce high levels of THC often reaching over 20%.

Consumers have characterized the effects of Malawi as predominantly cerebral, suggesting that it may alleviate stressful thoughts and enhance concentration and focus. Enthusiasts of this strain often appreciate these effects, using them to engage in hobbies and creative pursuits that require attention to detail. Some users have reported experiencing a reduction in feelings of anxiety, stress, migraines, and occasional bouts of depression. For those who consume larger quantities, the effects of Malawi have been likened to psychedelia, sometimes resulting in a pleasantly distracted state of mind.

When Malawi is placed in front of you, you’ll first notice it’s composed of long, cone-shaped buds associated with your typical sativa strains, and a thick coating of trichomes that hint at how potent it can be. Its scent is of musky spices that mimic those of cinnamon and earthy pine while its taste leans more towards fresh earth.

When trying this strain, it’s important to note that taking too much may cause paranoia or anxiousness.

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Sativa Malawi

Frequently Asked Questions About Malawi

What is Malawi?

Malawi is a pure sativa strain from southeast Africa.

Where does Malawi come from?

Malawi is a pure landrace sativa strain.

What does Malawi smell like?

Malawi has a musky aroma mixed with spice and herbs.

What does Malawi taste like?

Malawi has a rich earth taste that is quite spicy. Some have said they detect cinnamon undertones but most compare it to pepper and woods.

What color does Malawi have?

Malawi has lighter green and chunky buds the clump together which is unusual for a pure sativa strain. Its pistils are also a lighter orange as yellowish trichomes cake the buds.

What effects does Malawi have?

Malawi is loved for being one of the most pure sativa strains to enjoy. It has been said to keep user calmed and relaxed while clearing their mind of clutter and stress. Many find this strain to help hone in their focus and motivation while their body buzzes with a pleasant warm feeling.

Is Malawi an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Malawi is a pure sativa strain.