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The Devil Fruit strain is a bit of an anomaly in that it is one of the rare types of strains loaded with both CBD and THC, testing up to 10% and 20% respectively. Because of this, one might expect a CBD-rich indica-dominant hybrid to trigger “couch-lock.” Instead, this strain seems to do just the opposite. The uplifting cerebral euphoria has left reviewers feeling motivated and focused, making it seemingly more like a sativa. This focus allowed reviewers to tap into their creative and imaginative parts of their mind. The analgesic properties of this strain have purportedly helped reviewers feel lighter and able to move around pain-free. According to consumers, Devil Fruit has been used for a wide array of conditions such as ADD, depression, migraines, chronic pain, and nausea.

When looking at the buds of Devil Fruit, you’ll notice tightly packed emerald-green leaves. Patches of long orange pistils are generously mixed in and the coat of trichomes make its flowers look like they’re covered in moss.

Devil Fruit is a tasty treat bringing together the flavors of pine, lemon, and berry with a spicy-pepper aftertaste. Its smoke is surprisingly gentle on the lungs. Legend has it that when a Devil Fruit is eaten, the consumer acquires a special power. It will certainly seem this way as this strain is reported to have a remarkable effect on inflammation, pain, and mood.


Devil Fruit - Sativa Cannabis Strain
Sativa Devil Fruit
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Frequently Asked Questions About Devil Fruit

What is Devil Fruit?

The Devil Fruit cannabis strain is abundant in both CBD and THC. It’s an indica-dominant strain but reviewers have said they’ve experienced more sativa effects such as energy and motivation upon consuming.

What does Devil Fruit mean?

A Devil Fruit is a fruit that when consumed, will give the eater a “boon” or special power. This name was most likely chosen because of the restorative and healing properties of this cannabis strain as reviewers have claimed.

Where does Devil Fruit come from?

The Devil Fruit cannabis strain comes from Medical Seeds Company by crossing Great White Shark with Shiskaberry.

What does Devil Fruit smell like?

Devil Fruit brings sharp odors of citrus, pine and berries.

What does Devil Fruit taste like?

Devil Fruit tastes like lemon pine cleaner, berries, and has a spicy pepper aftertaste.

What color does Devil Fruit have?

The Devil Fruit buds are made up of tightly packed emerald-green leaves. Patches of long orange pistils are generously mixed in with this array of green. The coat of trichomes make the entire flower look to be covered in moss.

What effects does Devil Fruit have?

Devil Fruit brings a clear stream of creative energy as reviewers have reported. The uplifting cerebral euphoria purportedly leaves the user feeling motivated and focused, making this strain more like a sativa. Its reported analgesic properties have helped reviewers feel lighter and able to move around pain-free.

Is Devil Fruit an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Devil Fruit is an indica-dominant hybrid, approximately 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.