About this Sativa Strain

THC levels average around 19-22%. Its effects are known to enhance focus and motivation, increasing cerebral activity as social tendencies begin to arise. Simultaneously, the body will fall into a deep relaxation and create couch-lock. This strain’s known to relieve chronic pain and insomnia, being quite potent and not recommended for novice consumers.

Besides typical dry mouth and eyes, this strain rarely produces ill side-effects. However, note that many strains can cause paranoia or anxiety when consuming above tolerance levels.

It takes about 9-10 weeks for Key Lime Pie to fully flower for reaping. Key Lime Pie grows best in colder climates.

Lab Analysis

Cannabinoid Amount
THC 19-22%
CBD <1%
Terpene Amount
Beta Caryophyllene 0.0%
Caryophyllene Oxide 0.31%
Alpha Humulene 0.13%
Limonene 0.38%
Linalool 0.29%
Beta Myrcene 0.46%
Alpha Pinene 0.03%


Taste & Smell


Genetics of this strain stem from crossing the indica Granddaddy Purple, the hybrid OG Kush, and the sativa Sour Diesel. It first blossomed under the care of Ken Estes


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