Ron Burgundy


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About this Indica Strain

The buds of the strain Ron Burgundy can be quite colorful as they produce shades of violet amid their grassy-green flowers. When you break apart these cured nuggets, you’ll find they resemble geodes as crystal trichomes are scattered both inside and out.

The scent of this strain bears a strong resemblance to pine. The aftertaste can sometimes produce a flavor similar to bourbon. THC levels average in the low and mid-20’s. Effects of Ron Burgundy have been described by reviewers as creating a mellow mindset. Some have used this strain to help relax their body from chronic pain as well as get a restful night’s sleep.


Ron Burgundy gets its name from the 2004 comedy film called Anchorman starring Will Ferrell. It’s believed to be a descendant from the strain Afternoon Delight.

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