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The buds of the strain Ron Burgundy can be quite colorful as they produce shades of violet amid their grassy-green flowers. When you break apart these cured nuggets, you’ll find they resemble geodes as crystal trichomes are scattered both inside and out.

The scent of this strain bears a strong resemblance to pine. The aftertaste can sometimes produce a flavor similar to bourbon. THC levels average in the low and mid-20’s. Effects of Ron Burgundy have been described by reviewers as creating a mellow mindset. Some have used this strain to help relax their body from chronic pain as well as get a restful night’s sleep.


Ron Burgundy gets its name from the 2004 comedy film called Anchorman starring Will Ferrell. It’s believed to be a descendant from the strain Afternoon Delight.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ron Burgundy

What is Ron Burgundy?

Ron Burgundy is a colorful Indica hybrid Strain. Ron Burgundy get its name from Anchorman as it is a colorful strain that also has embodies Ron Burgundy's favorite drink being bourbon.

Where does Ron Burgundy come from?

Ron Burgundy is a cross of Afternoon Delight and another unknown source.

What does Ron Burgundy smell like?

Ron Burgundy has a very distinct wood and pine aroma. It has an herbal spiciness about it and when broken up emits a deep and mild Bourbon flavor.

What does Ron Burgundy taste like?

Ron Burgundy has a very natural and earthy flavor about it. It has tobacco notes is earth with the most subtle sweetness. It has a sharp spicy flavor that remains smooth like a nice bourbon does.

What color does Ron Burgundy have?

Ron Burgundy has large light green buds that are packed tight with shades of purple, green, orange and red that make it a very attractive strain.

What effects does Ron Burgundy have?

Fans of Ron Burgundy have said it has a smooth and mellow effect. That it is a great representation of an Indica Strain as it brings out a dominating body relaxation effect without clouding the mind. Get comfortable because many have said that Ron Burgundy alleviates the wear and tear on the body and maximizes muscle recovery.

Is Ron Burgundy an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Ron Burgundy is an indica-dominant hybrid