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The indica cannabis strain Quin-N-Tonic is a high CBD strain, producing buds that are purple-tipped and frosted with trichomes. It emits a sweet scent reminiscent of blueberry pancakes with a flavor that’s equally satisfying.

The parent strains of Quin-N-Tonic are a cross between the sativa Harlequin and hybrid Cannatonic. It first blossomed under the care of La Plata Labs, who created this strain in search of a high CBD strain with the pleasant taste of blueberries.

The THC levels of this strain are too low for recreational use. However, it’s known to have high CBD levels most appreciated by users that don’t want the effects of THC. Its high is known to help relax the body’s muscles and alleviate both pain and inflammation.

There are rare negative side-effects associated with this strain. The most common one is dry mouth.

It takes between eight and nine weeks for Quin-N-Tonic to finish flowering for cultivation.

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