Petrolia Headstash


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About this Indica Strain

Petrolia Headstash is a pure indica cannabis strain that produces a scent of fresh soil and spices, along with a taste that’s woody/of pine. Its buds are clumpy, large, bright green in color, and have dark brown pistils protruding from them. Its harvest-ready buds also carry loads of resin, making it a great strain for creating hash and concentrates. 

This strain’s genetics originate from Afghanistan, being a backcross of Afghani. 

THC levels average between 20-22%. Its high is known to be a creeper, taking several minutes before its effects begin to kick in. It starts behind the eyes and around the head (succumbing to its name) with a slight sense of relieving pressure. This then spreads throughout the body, both warming and relaxing muscles from tension. As the high continues, drowsiness may follow as the mind remains tranquil. Some reviewers note this strain’s capability to help with cramps, chronic pain, nausea, and especially insomnia (nightmares have been mentioned as well). 

Negative side-effects include anxiousness along with dry mouth and eyes. 

It takes about nine weeks for Petrolia Headstash to fully flower and is very resistant to molds. 

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20-22%

Genetic Lineage